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Lingam Puja

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pujaTantra is an ancient spiritual tradition with sacred rituals dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. Descriptions of Tantric practices sometimes read like a contemporary sex manual, as in the following account of the ritual known as Lingam Puja:

The male penis is worshipped by the Pundai-Stri who blessed the pujari with her vaginal libations. She will move her hands across his body in large circles, finally concentrating her attention on the lingam or the erect penis. She will then hold the erect lingam in her hand and stroke it gently, and then more vigorously until the lingam blesses her with its libations. Sometimes, the yoni-stri will take the Penile libations in her mouth, with the erect Lingam shooting its life-giving seminal fluids into her mouth.

[Then] she takes the lingam to the mouth of her divine passage or yoni, and enjoys the warmth of the throbbing penis. The warm embrace of the lingam by the unctuous yoni creates a sangam (union) that generates cosmic energy that leads to liberation or a state of Nirvana that must be experienced to be appreciated.


Bigfoot and the Size Queens

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Bigfoot and the Size Queens

Here is my own take on the subject of Bigfoot Erotica. I thought it would be fun to depart from the standard clichés of the genre by having two cock-hungry protagonists – one female and one male – who set their sexual sights on Bigfoot right from the start! Here is the blurb:

Tara Kane is not your average professor of anthropology. She’s young, athletic and blue-haired, with an insatiable appetite for big hairy men… and one part of their anatomy in particular. Tara is not alone in her phallic obsession: her gay and geeky grad-student Fabian Grayson is a Size Queen too. While visiting Texas for an academic conference, the man-hungry pair are drawn into a quest for the biggest, hairiest proto-human of them all: Bigfoot! The search leads to a bizarre series of adventures, featuring a mysterious Tibetan temple, strange rituals, cracks in time… and the ultimate secret of the prehistoric species known as Homo Erectus Giganticus! A comic romp with a fascinating twist of paranormal mystery!

Bigfoot and the Size Queens is available in Kindle format from and Amazon UK, as well as other Amazon sites worldwide.

The Festival of the Steel Phallus

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Kanamara Matsuri Festival 2014The Festival of the Steel Phallus (Kanamara Matsuri in Japanese) is an annual event in Kawasaki, Japan. Held on the first Sunday in April, the festival originated in the 16th century when the town’s prostitutes would gather at a shrine to pray for financial prosperity and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays the festival centres around a huge pink penis which is carried through the streets, together with numerous other phallic-shaped objects large and small.

For more photographs from this year’s event, see 17 Decidedly Phallic Images Of Japan’s Annual Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri.

Phallic Worship

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Phallic Worship by Alméry Lobel-RicheThe term “phallic worship” or “phallicism” denotes religious veneration of the phallus, or erect penis. Nowadays, of course, “cock worship” is most prevalent among females and gay men, but in the past the practice was much more widespread, with the phallus representing the divine creative principle. Phallicism may involve worship of a phallic icon, as seen in this early 20th century illustration by Alméry Lobel-Riche, or it may be personified in the form of a God such as Priapus.

One of the first historians to appreciate the full extent of Phallicism was an Englishman named Hargrave Jennings, who produced numerous works on the subject in the last decades of the 19th century – either under his own name, or the pseudonym of “Sha Rocco”, or anonymously. In books like The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship (1874), Phallicism Celestial and Terrestrial (1884) and Phallic Miscellanies (1891) he showed that worship of the “male generative organ” is common to virtually all cultures of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Furthermore, the practice is not confined to supposedly primitive cultures – Christianity recognizes a number of Phallic saints, such as St Ters, St Guerlichon and St Foutin, who were benevolent symbols of fertility and objects of pious reverence amongst women in particular.


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Ancient Roman depiction of a magical phallus - FascinusFascinus was an ancient Roman deity who, like Priapus, was associated with worship of the phallus or male sexual organ. But whereas Priapus was depicted as a humanoid figure with an oversized penis, Fascinus was often portrayed simply as an animated penis, as in this stone carving found at the Roman amphitheatre at Nîmes in France.

Stone carvings of this kind were believed to possess magical powers that could ward off evil influences. The name Fascinus is connected with our word “fascinate”, which literally means to bewitch or enchant. For the same reason, women in ancient Rome often wore phallic-shaped pendants around their necks.

Ithyphallic Gods and Demons

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The demon Pazuzu depicted with an erect penis (ithyphallic)Ithyphallic is a word meaning “with an erect penis”, but it is normally only used in the context of artistic representations of gods and demons. In the Christian world, the Devil is often depicted in ithyphallic form, particularly in images dating from the Middle Ages. A number of ancient Egyptian gods are also depicted in this way, most notably Min-Amun. In Graeco-Roman mythology the most common ithyphallic gods are Pan and Priapus. The popular Hindu God Shiva is often depicted in ithyphallic form, as were the ancient pagan gods Baal and Moloch. The image depicts one of the less familiar ithyphallic figures: the Babylonian demon Pazuzu.


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Priapus with an oversized erectionPriapus was an ancient Greek fertility God who was usually depicted in ithyphallic form, in other words with an erect penis. In Roman times Priapus became more explicitly associated with Phallic Worship, or what in modern terms would be called “cock worship”. Priapus was commonly depicted in classical erotic art as a goat-legged male figure with a vastly oversized erection – or in some cases simply as a gigantic phallus on goat-like legs!

There was a resurgence of interest in Priapic worship during the renaissance, when people began to rediscover the ancient pagan Gods. This picture is adapted from an engraving by the Italian renaissance artist Agostino Carracci.