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Tantric Art

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An animal-headed goddess performing fellatio on the elephant God GaneshaThe Tantric tradition of India and Tibet is much broader in its scope than the subset of Tantric Sexuality taught in the West. While Western Tantra focuses on practical techniques, the Eastern form also uses sexual symbolism for purely meditational purposes. As such, Tantric art often contains imagery that can seem bizarre to Western eyes. This Tibetan-style devotional painting, for example, depicts an animal-headed female deity trampling on two small figures while she menstruates into a bowl they are holding. At the same time, she is balancing the Hindu elephant God Ganesha on her hands and performing fellatio on him – in other words, sucking his penis!

Lajja Gauri

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The Goddess Lajja GauriThe image on the left is a 7th century sandstone sculpture of the Hindu Goddess Lajja Gauri. This is striking for its depiction of the Goddess as naked, with her legs spread, and with a prominently visible vulva (or yoni in Sanskrit). Lajja Gauri is one of the principle deities of Shaktism (Hindu Goddess Worship), and is also known by the names of Aditi or Devi. She can be compared with the Celtic Goddess Sheela-na-gig, who is also commonly depicted with legs spread and a prominent vulva.

The Goddess Kali

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The Tantric Goddess Kali copulating with her male consort ShivaWhen Tantric sex practitioners talk about “the Goddess”, the Goddess they are referring to is Kali, the supreme deity of Hindu Tantra. Kali represents female empowerment or Shakti, and many Tantrikas refer to Kali simply as “Shakti”.

Kali is often depicted standing with one foot on the supine figure of her male consort Shiva, or—as in this great image I found on Facebook—riding him in sexual intercourse. The God’s erect penis, the sacred lingam, is shown penetrating the Goddess’s yoni. The imagery clearly depicts the Tantric belief that female energy is active and dominant, while male energy is passive and submissive.