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Chakra Sex

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chakra sexIn the Tantric yoga tradition, chakras are energy points of the subtle body where life force is concentrated. There are seven chakras, from the root chakra to the crown chakra, usually depicted by a color-coded system. During sexual intercourse the chakra systems of the two partners become united, as shown in the illustration above.

The Amazon

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Amazon sex positionIn the Missionary Position of sexual intercourse, the woman lies passively on her back with her legs apart, and the man thrusts his penis in and out of her vagina. The Amazon Position, illustrated here, is the exact opposite of this. It is named after the ruthless female warriors of ancient Greek mythology, the Amazons, who required complete control over their submissive male partners. To this end, the man lies passively on his back with his legs apart, while the woman grips his penis with her powerful vaginal muscles and thrusts energetically back and forth,  mimicking the traditional “fucking” action of the male.

Sex in Babylon

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Babylonian SexThe ancient Babylonians held an exalted view of sex as inducing an altered state of wonder. The clay plaque shown here dates from the early second millennium BC, and predates the Kama Sutra by over 1500 years. It depicts a man penetrating a woman from behind, one of the most popular positions seen in Babylonian art. Anal sex was a popular means of contraception in the ancient world, and the depiction of couples engaging in rear entry may be indicative of that practice.

Source: 4,000-year-old erotica depicts a strikingly racy ancient sexuality.

Mexican Kama Sutra

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Mexican Kamasutra ceramic pieceCeramic pieces featuring couples engaged in sexual intercourse are frequently sold to curiosity-seekers in Mexico. They are thought to be of approximately the same age as the Olmec culture (approx. 1500 to 400 BC). It is possible these were made as teaching aids to demonstrate different sex positions, like the more famous Indian Kama Sutra.

For more information, see Frontiers of Anthropology.

Taoist Sex: two dancing phoenixes

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Shunga print of the two dancing phoenixes sex positionTaoist Sex is the ancient Chinese equivalent of Tantric Sex. But whereas Tantra is the Way of the Goddess, Taoist Sex is focused more on enhancing the health and longevity of the male participant. While the sexual positions of the Kama Sutra are designed to heighten and prolong the pleasures of the female , their Taoist equivalents are aimed more at the pleasure of the male. This is particularly apparent in the position illustrated here (in a Japanese shunga print of the late eighteenth century), in which a man is copulating simultaneously with two female partners. In this position, called “two dancing phoenixes”, one female lies on top of the other, both spreading their legs so that their vaginas (referred to in Taoism as “yin gates”) are easily accessible to alternate thrusts of the man’s erect penis (“yang spear”).

The Loves of Zeus: Callisto

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The Loves of Zeus: CallistoIn Greek mythology, the God Zeus (a.k.a. Jupiter in Roman mythology) had a huge number of lovers, including Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, who gave their names to the four largest moons of the planet Jupiter. As mentioned in a previous post, Ganymede was the only male among them. But surprisingly there was another same-sex relationship as well. Callisto was a female follower of the Goddess Diana (also known as Artemis). In order to seduce her, Zeus shape-shifted into female form, posing as Diana herself in order to copulate with Callisto.

The Goddess Kali

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The Tantric Goddess Kali copulating with her male consort ShivaWhen Tantric sex practitioners talk about “the Goddess”, the Goddess they are referring to is Kali, the supreme deity of Hindu Tantra. Kali represents female empowerment or Shakti, and many Tantrikas refer to Kali simply as “Shakti”.

Kali is often depicted standing with one foot on the supine figure of her male consort Shiva, or—as in this great image I found on Facebook—riding him in sexual intercourse. The God’s erect penis, the sacred lingam, is shown penetrating the Goddess’s yoni. The imagery clearly depicts the Tantric belief that female energy is active and dominant, while male energy is passive and submissive.