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Orgasmic Meditation

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Nicole DaedoneOrgasmic Meditation (OM) is a form of mindfulness meditation in which the focus of mindfulness is on the clitoris. The technique was developed by Nicole Daedone (pictured above), a former professor of Semantics and Gender Communication. The term is somewhat misleading because the primary aim of OM is not to achieve orgasm but (as with any form of mindfulness meditation) to immerse one’s entire self in the feelings and sensations of the present moment. Thus OM is essentially a spiritual practice, in the tradition of Tantra and Yoga, rather than an overtly sexual one.

OM is practised in pairs by a receiver, who lies on her back on the floor, and a stroker, who kneels at her side and gently strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes. Both receiver and stroker focus their entire consciousness on the stroking sensation. According to its practitioners, of which there are over 10,000 worldwide, the OM technique encourages connection, vitality and wellness in both participants.

Naked Meditation

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A montage of images of beautiful women engaged in skyclad (i.e. naked) spiritual exercise…
Naked meditation 1Naked meditation 2

Chakra Meditation

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Chakra MeditationThe Chakra system, comprising the seven major energy centres of the human body, is one of the central concepts of New Age philosophy, holistic wellbeing and alternative therapy. The term Chakra is derived from Sanskrit, and originated in the Hindu tradition of India. The Chakra concept also features prominently in Tantra, where sexually charged Kundalini energy is seen as flowing upwards through the system of chakras. As described in my ebook Sex Meditation, it is possible to achieve an ecstatic state of orgasmic bliss by visualizing Kundalini slowly rising up through the seven chakras like an enormous, swelling penis made of pure energy.

Phallic Meditation

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Japanese shunga print of monk meditating with erection

As illustrated in the traditional shunga print reproduced above, it was common for Japanese monks to develop erections while sitting in meditation. This could be a spontaneous occurrence, or it could be that the monk was using his penis as the object of his meditation exercise. The benefits of meditating on a phallic image, both for male and female practitioners, are described in my ebook Sex Meditation. Sexual arousal is widely recognized as conducive to mystical experience: The 11th century Indian text called the Kulacudamani describes a meditating guru as stark naked, sexually aroused, and with eyes rolling from the effects of psychoactive drugs.

Sex Meditation

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Sex Meditation ebook by Alvin AvalonFor two thousand years, Tibetan Buddhists have sought spiritual enlightenment by meditating on images of deities copulating with one another. In the Kundalini Yoga of India, meditation is used to sublimate internal sexual energies and achieve a state of supreme bliss. But sex meditation isn’t just about mysticism. By concentrating deeply on a single thought or image, while remaining physically calm and serene, you can learn to achieve extreme states of sexual arousal and earth-shatteringly intense orgasms. You can enter vivid and sensuous worlds of the mind that make ordinary masturbation fantasies pale by comparison. With practice, you can even develop extra-sensory powers that allow you to tap into the sexual thoughts and activities of friends, colleagues and strangers. This short illustrated book tells you everything you need to know about the theory and practice of sex meditation, including plenty of step-by-step exercises that you can try out for yourself!

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