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Sex with a Ghost

Posted in Paranormal sex with tags , , , on May 27, 2014 by alvinavalon

Adrien BlackwellAccording to a recent article in the Daily Star, Adrien Blackwell is a talented young psychic who has regular sex sessions with the ghost of a 19th century Native American named Beta. Adrien (pictured above) says that sexual intercourse with Beta is a hundred times better than with a human partner. A sex psychic from Hawaii, Adrien has gained a reputation as the “Sexorcist” after a decade of humping ghosts – or spectrophilia, to give it its technical name.

Sex with Aliens

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Sex with AliensEarlier this year, an attractive female psychic named Stephany Fay Cohen announced on daytime TV that she regularly has sexual intercourse with extraterrestrial aliens including the Greys, the reptilians, the cat people and the octopus men. She said these encounters, which result in “out-of-this-world orgasms”, take place when her physical body is asleep but her spiritual body travels to other planets. For full details, see I have sex with aliens.