Mystical Sex Books

Bigfoot and the Size Queens ebook by Alvin AvalonBigfoot and the Size Queens

Tara Kane is not your average professor of anthropology. She’s young, athletic and blue-haired, with an insatiable appetite for big hairy men… and one part of their anatomy in particular. Tara is not alone in her phallic obsession: her gay and geeky grad-student Fabian Grayson is a Size Queen too. While visiting Texas for an academic conference, the man-hungry pair are drawn into a quest for the biggest, hairiest proto-human of them all: Bigfoot! The search leads to a bizarre series of adventures, featuring a mysterious Tibetan temple, strange rituals, cracks in time… and the ultimate secret of the prehistoric species known as Homo Erectus Giganticus! A comic romp with a fascinating twist of paranormal mystery!

Bigfoot and the Size Queens is available in Kindle format from and Amazon UK, as well as other Amazon sites worldwide.

Orgone Shiatsu ebook by Alvin AvalonOrgone Shiatsu

Originating in Japan, Shiatsu is a popular form of holistic massage therapy that combines traditional Chinese five-element theory with the concept of Ki, or life-energy. Shiatsu uses a range of techniques to facilitate the flow of Ki through the body, resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This short ebook presents a new orgasmic form of Shiatsu, based around the esoteric concept of Orgone energy in place of Ki, and using the familiar four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in place of the Chinese elements. Using internal as well as external massage techniques, Orgone Shiatsu is specifically designed to give modern women the kind of vigorous stimulation and orgasmic release they need after a stressful day at work.

Orgone Shiatsu is a lively and entertaining guide to erotic massage techniques, available as an ebook (ISBN 978-1-326-04691-0) from and Amazon UK, as well as other online retailers.

Sex Meditation ebook by Alvin AvalonSex Meditation

For two thousand years, Tibetan Buddhists have sought spiritual enlightenment by meditating on images of deities copulating with one another. In the Kundalini Yoga of India, meditation is used to sublimate internal sexual energies and achieve a state of supreme bliss. But sex meditation isn’t just about mysticism. By concentrating deeply on a single thought or image, while remaining physically calm and serene, you can learn to achieve extreme states of sexual arousal and earth-shatteringly intense orgasms. You can enter vivid and sensuous worlds of the mind that make ordinary masturbation fantasies pale by comparison. With practice, you can even develop extra-sensory powers that allow you to tap into the sexual thoughts and activities of friends, colleagues and strangers. This short illustrated book tells you everything you need to know about the theory and practice of sex meditation, including plenty of step-by-step exercises that you can try out for yourself!

Sex Meditation is an entertaining sex guide in Kindle format available from or Amazon UK.

Secrets of Mystical Sex ebook by Alvin AvalonSecrets of Mystical Sex

There has always been a close but little known connection between sex and mysticism. Since time immemorial, sexual arousal has been used as a technique for entering altered states of consciousness, while sexual imagery has been employed in one form or another in countless sacred rituals. This lively new guide takes you on an A to Z tour of the erotic and esoteric world of Mystical Sex.

Contents: Ancient Wisdom – Buddhist Sex Meditation – Cock Worship – Drugs and Dreams – Extra-Sensory Perception – Fantasy Worlds – Group Sex Rituals – Hieros Gamos – Incubi and Succubi – Jerking Off to Get High – Kama Sutra – Left-Hand Path – Mindfucking – New Age Sex – Orgone Energy – Pussy Power – Qi Gong – Reptilian Abductions – Sex and Séances – Temple of the Goddess – Unholy Rites – Vampirism – Witchcraft – X-Rated Mysticism – Yoga’s Sleazy Side – Zen Sex

Secrets of Mystical Sex is an erotic ebook in Kindle format, available from or Amazon UK.

Fifty Shades of Tantric SexFifty Shades of Tantric Sex

What is Tantric Sex? The phrase means different things to different people. Traditional Buddhist Tantra uses sexual symbolism as an aid to meditation. Hindu Tantrics engage in sexual rituals for spiritual purposes. In modern times Tantra has been conflated with the sexual philosophies of paganism, Taoism and other esoteric traditions. There are Tantric workshops for loving couples and for swinging singles. Modern-day Dakinis, Tantrikas and Goddesses offer sexual services for adventurous business people. It’s all become rather cynical and commercialized. In this offbeat picture book for adults, you can meet fifty Tantric practitioners of different shades.

Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex is available from the U.S. Kindle Store or from Amazon UK and other Amazon sites.

Gurus, Geeks and Goddesses: erotic fiction by Alvin AvalonGurus, Geeks and Goddesses

The New Age subculture hides a seething hotbed of sexuality, and unsuspecting Seekers after Truth sometimes get more than they bargained for! A sci-fi geek meets her very own Cosmic Guru, and finds herself enlightened in more ways than one. When a naïve graduate student realizes his dissertation on religious history is due the following day, he does some last-minute research in the local Tantric Goddess Temple. And a skeptical author sets out to debunk a glamorous young clairvoyant, only to find himself drawn into an orgiastic séance.

Three offbeat short stories about sexual encounters of the mystical kind, available as an ebook (ISBN 978-1-291-21284-6) from and Amazon UK, as well as other online retailers.

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