Ancient Egyptian Autofellatio

Egyptian Autofellatio

The image above comes from an Egyptian papyrus called “The Book of the Dead of Henuttawy”, which dates from the Third Intermediate Period circa 1000 BC. The large upper figure is the God Osiris, who is depicted in ithyphallic form – in other words, with an erect penis. As well as being erect, the God’s penis is shown as being abnormally long.

The smaller figure below Osiris is Geb, the Egyptian God of the Earth. Geb is also shown with an erect and abnormally long penis. Moreover, he is indulging in an act of autofellatio – sucking his own penis.

For clarity, the penises of the two Gods have been highlighted in red in this image. For the original version, and more information about the papyrus, see the British Museum website.

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  1. I understand the autofellatio part – what seems puzzling is the depiction of the huge phallus: Could that be an indication there were in fact at a time men with such gigantic erect male members? I want one, too……!!

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