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Sex in Babylon

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Babylonian SexThe ancient Babylonians held an exalted view of sex as inducing an altered state of wonder. The clay plaque shown here dates from the early second millennium BC, and predates the Kama Sutra by over 1500 years. It depicts a man penetrating a woman from behind, one of the most popular positions seen in Babylonian art. Anal sex was a popular means of contraception in the ancient world, and the depiction of couples engaging in rear entry may be indicative of that practice.

Source: 4,000-year-old erotica depicts a strikingly racy ancient sexuality.

Tantric Sex and Tantric Buddhism

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Tantric sex and BuddhismModern Tantric teachers often downplay the role of Buddhism in Tantric sex, while teachers of Tantric Buddhism tend to downplay the role of sex in Buddhist practice. In fact the two – Tantric Sex and Tantric Buddhism – are inextricably linked, as John T. Houseman explains in his fascinating new book Great Bliss: Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner Awakening. This is the first complete modern instruction book on Tantric Buddhism, and the first on Buddhist sexual yoga.

The heart of the book is a first-ever translation from the Sanskrit of the Ninth Century master Shabara’s The Sadhana of Secret Vajravilasini, a masterpiece of the world’s spiritual-erotic literature, and an ideal text for sexual yoga practice. Great Bliss reveals thousand year-old secrets, and is a landmark contribution to the study and practice of Tantric sex in the West. The book includes hundreds of authentic practices, making it an almost inexhaustible resource for Tantra teachers and students.

John T. Houseman is a teacher of Tantric Buddhism in the tradition of the Indian siddhas. A student of many Tantric traditions for over thirty years, he trained as a lama under the guidance of the Tibetan master His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, completing an intensive, solitary three-year retreat. John also trained with many Western Tantra teachers including Margot Anand. He received a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Religion from Wesleyan University, where he studied Buddhism with Robert Thurman, and earned his master’s degree from Columbia University. For four years he served on the staff of Karma Triyana Dharmacakra monastery in Woodstock, New York, the North American headquarters of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa. His newly published book is the result of his twenty year search to find the original teachings of Tantric Buddhism.

Great Bliss: Tantric Sex and the Path to Inner Awakening can be downloaded free of charge from