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Phallic Symbolism

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Large penis after Aubrey BeardsleyThe erect penis is a powerful symbol in art, mythology and religion, and its size is often exaggerated for greater effect. However, if it is exaggerated too much the effect becomes comic, as in this image based on a book illustration by Aubrey Beardsley. The original drawing, dating from 1896, depicts a scene from a classic Greek drama called Lysistrata. It reflects the ancient Greek theatrical tradition whereby the actors in comedies wore enormous stage-prop phalluses.

Sex with Aliens

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Sex with AliensEarlier this year, an attractive female psychic named Stephany Fay Cohen announced on daytime TV that she regularly has sexual intercourse with extraterrestrial aliens including the Greys, the reptilians, the cat people and the octopus men. She said these encounters, which result in “out-of-this-world orgasms”, take place when her physical body is asleep but her spiritual body travels to other planets. For full details, see I have sex with aliens.

Mexican Kama Sutra

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Mexican Kamasutra ceramic pieceCeramic pieces featuring couples engaged in sexual intercourse are frequently sold to curiosity-seekers in Mexico. They are thought to be of approximately the same age as the Olmec culture (approx. 1500 to 400 BC). It is possible these were made as teaching aids to demonstrate different sex positions, like the more famous Indian Kama Sutra.

For more information, see Frontiers of Anthropology.