Phallic Meditation

Japanese shunga print of monk meditating with erection

As illustrated in the traditional shunga print reproduced above, it was common for Japanese monks to develop erections while sitting in meditation. This could be a spontaneous occurrence, or it could be that the monk was using his penis as the object of his meditation exercise. The benefits of meditating on a phallic image, both for male and female practitioners, are described in my ebook Sex Meditation. Sexual arousal is widely recognized as conducive to mystical experience: The 11th century Indian text called the Kulacudamani describes a meditating guru as stark naked, sexually aroused, and with eyes rolling from the effects of psychoactive drugs.

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  1. addicted Says:

    Ok…….I took the bait, bought your book, now I better have some continous orgasm right away……… 😉

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