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Gurus, Geeks and Goddesses

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Gurus, Geeks and Goddesses - erotic fiction by Alvin AvalonThe New Age subculture hides a seething hotbed of sexuality, and unsuspecting Seekers after Truth sometimes get more than they bargained for! A sci-fi geek meets her very own Cosmic Guru, and finds herself enlightened in more ways than one. When a naïve graduate student realizes his dissertation on religious history is due the following day, he does some last-minute research in the local Tantric Goddess Temple. And a skeptical author sets out to debunk a glamorous young clairvoyant, only to find himself drawn into an orgiastic séance.

My latest foray into the world of erotic fiction…  three offbeat short stories about sexual encounters of the mystical kind, now available as an ebook (ISBN 978-1-291-21284-6) from and Amazon UK.

Mediaeval Demons

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Detail from Giovanni da Modena's Inferno frescoDemons formed an important part of Christian iconography during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, when they were used to deter immoral behaviour by dramatizing its inevitable punishment. Demons were depicted in a huge variety of forms, combining both humanoid and animal features, and were often explicitly sexual in nature. It was common, for example. to depict demons with a secondary face in their genital region—as can be seen here in a detail from a fresco by Giovanni da Modena in the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. This depicts a scene from Dante’s vision of Hell (“The Inferno”), showing a whole host of demons of various shapes and sizes persecuting sinners. Many of the demons appear to be raping or sodomizing their victims.

The Goddess Kali

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The Tantric Goddess Kali copulating with her male consort ShivaWhen Tantric sex practitioners talk about “the Goddess”, the Goddess they are referring to is Kali, the supreme deity of Hindu Tantra. Kali represents female empowerment or Shakti, and many Tantrikas refer to Kali simply as “Shakti”.

Kali is often depicted standing with one foot on the supine figure of her male consort Shiva, or—as in this great image I found on Facebook—riding him in sexual intercourse. The God’s erect penis, the sacred lingam, is shown penetrating the Goddess’s yoni. The imagery clearly depicts the Tantric belief that female energy is active and dominant, while male energy is passive and submissive.


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Rael and three female RaeliansRaëlism is the world’s largest UFO religion, founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, known to his followers as Raël. Sexuality forms an important part of Raëlian doctrine, which promotes liberal views of sexuality including homosexuality, bisexuality, polyamory, masturbation and prostitution. Raëlian spiritual practices include sensual meditation, which involves ritual stimulation of erogenous zones. Raëlians also practice naturism and are advocates of toplessness in females, as demonstrated by the three female followers seen with Raël in the photograph.