Sex Meditation

Sex Meditation ebook by Alvin AvalonFor two thousand years, Tibetan Buddhists have sought spiritual enlightenment by meditating on images of deities copulating with one another. In the Kundalini Yoga of India, meditation is used to sublimate internal sexual energies and achieve a state of supreme bliss. But sex meditation isn’t just about mysticism. By concentrating deeply on a single thought or image, while remaining physically calm and serene, you can learn to achieve extreme states of sexual arousal and earth-shatteringly intense orgasms. You can enter vivid and sensuous worlds of the mind that make ordinary masturbation fantasies pale by comparison. With practice, you can even develop extra-sensory powers that allow you to tap into the sexual thoughts and activities of friends, colleagues and strangers. This short illustrated book tells you everything you need to know about the theory and practice of sex meditation, including plenty of step-by-step exercises that you can try out for yourself!

An erotic ebook and sex guide in Kindle format from or Amazon UK.

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  1. I don’t get it. So is it safe to practice the meditation exercise as illustrated on chapter one or is this book just book reading pleasure only?

    • Yes, the exercises in the book should be safe, in the same way that masturbation is safe. Sex meditation is a kind of “hands off” masturbation.

  2. Thanks for replying Alvin. What benefit will I get from practicing such meditation long term? Is it a form of sexual transmutation? Will I become more conscious more creative etc etc?

  3. thank you very much alvin

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