Ithyphallic Gods and Demons

The demon Pazuzu depicted with an erect penis (ithyphallic)Ithyphallic is a word meaning “with an erect penis”, but it is normally only used in the context of artistic representations of gods and demons. In the Christian world, the Devil is often depicted in ithyphallic form, particularly in images dating from the Middle Ages. A number of ancient Egyptian gods are also depicted in this way, most notably Min-Amun. In Graeco-Roman mythology the most common ithyphallic gods are Pan and Priapus. The popular Hindu God Shiva is often depicted in ithyphallic form, as were the ancient pagan gods Baal and Moloch. The image depicts one of the less familiar ithyphallic figures: the Babylonian demon Pazuzu.

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  1. […] oversized sex organs as well as massively muscled physiques. In many cases, heroes were depicted in ithyphallic form—with erections, in other words—but on other occasions their penises were shown in a […]

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