Intercourse with the Devil

Sexual intercourse with the DevilAt the height of the Puritan era in the 17th century, belief in the Devil was widespread and completely literal. For most people, Satan was a symbol of evil to be feared and avoided, but there were those who believed they could attain earthly power by seeking out his company and engaging in sexual intercourse with him. A young French woman named Jeannette d’Abadie described the Devil as a large man with horns and a tail, and the most massive penis she had ever seen. It was almost a metre in length, covered in scales and cold to the touch. Copulating with the Lord of Hell was as painful as childbirth, but infinitely more satisfying than sex with a human male. When the Devil ejaculated inside her, Jeannette said that his semen was as cold as ice.

A few years later, a native of the Scottish Highlands named Isobel Gowdie echoed many of the same sentiments as Jeannette d’Abadie. She said the Devil was as heavy as a malt sack and endowed with a huge, icy cold phallus, and that when it came to sexual intercourse “he is abler for us that way than any man can be”.

3 Responses to “Intercourse with the Devil”

  1. addicted Says:

    Who is the artist of this painting? Are there more like this?

    • The artist is Luc Lafnet (1899 – 1939). If you type his name into a Google image search you will see many more pictures by him.

      • addicted Says:

        Thanks for providing the artists name – the picture you selected here is, however, by far the best of his work! Wish there were more in this genre

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