Priapus with an oversized erectionPriapus was an ancient Greek fertility God who was usually depicted in ithyphallic form, in other words with an erect penis. In Roman times Priapus became more explicitly associated with Phallic Worship, or what in modern terms would be called “cock worship”. Priapus was commonly depicted in classical erotic art as a goat-legged male figure with a vastly oversized erection – or in some cases simply as a gigantic phallus on goat-like legs!

There was a resurgence of interest in Priapic worship during the renaissance, when people began to rediscover the ancient pagan Gods. This picture is adapted from an engraving by the Italian renaissance artist Agostino Carracci.

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  1. […] way, most notably Min-Amun. In Graeco-Roman mythology the most common ithyphallic gods are Pan and Priapus. The popular Hindu God Shiva is often depicted in ithyphallic form, as were the ancient pagan gods […]

  2. […] was an ancient Roman deity who, like Priapus, was associated with worship of the phallus or male sexual organ. But whereas Priapus was depicted […]

  3. […] The term “phallic worship” or “phallicism” denotes religious veneration of the phallus, or erect penis. Nowadays, of course, “cock worship” is most prevalent among females and gay men, but in the past the practice was much more widespread, with the phallus representing the divine creative principle. Phallicism may involve worship of a phallic icon, as seen in this early 20th century illustration by Alméry Lobel-Riche, or it may be personified in the form of a God such as Priapus. […]

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