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Priapus with an oversized erectionPriapus was an ancient Greek fertility God who was usually depicted in ithyphallic form, in other words with an erect penis. In Roman times Priapus became more explicitly associated with Phallic Worship, or what in modern terms would be called “cock worship”. Priapus was commonly depicted in classical erotic art as a goat-legged male figure with a vastly oversized erection – or in some cases simply as a gigantic phallus on goat-like legs!

There was a resurgence of interest in Priapic worship during the renaissance, when people began to rediscover the ancient pagan Gods. This picture is adapted from an engraving by the Italian renaissance artist Agostino Carracci.

Religious Ecstasy

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Saint Teresa of AvilaSaint Teresa of Avila, who lived in Spain in the 16th century, was one of the greatest Christian mystics of all time. She had a number of religious visions and mystical experiences associated with an ecstatic state of consciousness that nowadays would be described as orgasmic. The 19th century psychologist Havelock Ellis believed that Saint Teresa was able to achieve orgasm spontaneously, without physical stimulation of the clitoris or vagina. This was probably the case, since some women are able to achieve spontaneous orgasm either by a pure at of will, or by rhythmic contraction of the internal vaginal muscles. A devoutly religious woman experiencing such an orgasm in a non-sexual context is more likely to attribute it to heavenly intervention than if physical masturbation was involved. Nevertheless, this famous drawing by Félicien Rops depicts Saint Teresa stimulating her vagina with an artificial phallus.

Secrets of Mystical Sex

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Secrets of Mystical SexThere has always been a close but little known connection between sex and mysticism. Since time immemorial, sexual arousal has been used as a technique for entering altered states of consciousness, while sexual imagery has been employed in one form or another in countless sacred rituals. This lively A to Z guide takes you from the ancient wisdom of Tantra, via New Age Goddess temples, occult rituals and phallic worship to the taboo-breaking world of Zen Sex.

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