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Taoist Sex: two dancing phoenixes

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Shunga print of the two dancing phoenixes sex positionTaoist Sex is the ancient Chinese equivalent of Tantric Sex. But whereas Tantra is the Way of the Goddess, Taoist Sex is focused more on enhancing the health and longevity of the male participant. While the sexual positions of the Kama Sutra are designed to heighten and prolong the pleasures of the female , their Taoist equivalents are aimed more at the pleasure of the male. This is particularly apparent in the position illustrated here (in a Japanese shunga print of the late eighteenth century), in which a man is copulating simultaneously with two female partners. In this position, called “two dancing phoenixes”, one female lies on top of the other, both spreading their legs so that their vaginas (referred to in Taoism as “yin gates”) are easily accessible to alternate thrusts of the man’s erect penis (“yang spear”).

Taoist Alchemy

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Gokkun (semen drinking)Traditional Chinese alchemy is based on the Way of Tao, which views the whole Cosmos in terms of the subtle energy known as Qi. The particular form of Qi responsible for long life and healthy wellbeing is called Jing, which is found in its most concentrated form in semen. As a consequence, certain rituals associated with Taoist alchemy centre around the consumption of large quantities of semen. The Japanese practice of Gokkun, in which a woman collects the semen from a number of males in a glass and then proceeds to drink it, has its origins in one such ritual – although it is nowadays chiefly associated with the pornographic industry.

A Thousand Loving Thrusts

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Taoist sex: A thousand loving thrustsThe phrase “a thousand loving thrusts” comes from Taoist sexual theory, which in many ways can be considered the Chinese equivalent of Tantric sex. As with Tantra, Taoism emphasizes the needs of the female partner over those of the male. Chinese mysticism  is all about balancing Yin and Yang energies. Male sexuality represents Yang, which is fiery, impulsive and quick to become aroused, while female sexuality is Yin, which is calmer, deeper and slower to become aroused. For this reason the ancient Taoist masters taught that at least  “a thousand loving thrusts” of the penis in and out of the vagina were needed to satisfy a woman sexually.


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