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Circle Sex Ritual

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Trenecito circle sex ritual

The Sanskrit term Chakra Puja refers to a sex ritual undertaken by a group of participants. The word Chakra literally means “wheel”, and the ritual takes the form of a circle in which sexual energy is transmitted from one participant to the next.

The picture above shows a group of men engaged in a circular sex ritual. This particular ritual is known as Trenecito.

Bacchanal: a frenzied sex ritual

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Bacchanal by Auguste LevequeThe Bacchanal was a religious rite associated with worship of the Roman God Bacchus, also known by the Greek name of Dionysus. Bacchus is often euphemistically referred to as the “God of Wine”, which makes him sound genteel and sophisticated, but in fact he was the God of drunkenness, self-indulgence and decadent sexuality. Accordingly, the Bacchanal took the form of an uninhibited, drunken orgy. The Roman historian Livy wrote that “More uncleanness was committed by men with men than with women. To regard nothing as impious or criminal was the sum total of their religion.”

Over the years, many artists have chosen to depict Bacchanalian revels in their paintings. The one shown here is the work of the Belgian painter Auguste Levêque.

The Black Mass

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The Black Mass by Martin van MaëleThe Satanic rite known as the Black Mass is replete with sexual imagery and orgiastic debauchery, as described in this quotation from Dennis Wheatley: “The salient feature is that the representative of the Power of Light should be abjured and the Power of Darkness invoked by the offering up of blood and semen. To be of maximum potency a Black Mass should be performed by a priest, and, should he have been unfrocked, this makes no difference to the power inherent in him. But anyone sufficiently debased can perform a ritual of this kind. At a black mass everything possible is done the opposite way to the correct procedure. The cross on the altar is upside down, crooked or broken. The acolytes should be young men who readily give themselves to anal intercourse. The celebrant wears a cape embroidered with serpents and other Satanic emblems. He is naked beneath it, and it is open down the front, exposing his erect penis. The congregation should, preferably, be wearing animal costumes and masks. The litany and prayers are recited backwards. The ceremony is performed over the naked body of a young woman, who lies on the altar. The celebrant sacrifices an offering by cutting its throat and catching its blood in a chalice. Finally the priest copulates with the woman on the altar, plunging his lust-hardened penis in and out of her lissome young vagina. The congregation, as though possessed by demons, frantically slake their lust on one another in every way possible.”

The image above shows a depiction of the Black Mass by the early 20th century artist, Martin van Maële.

Taoist Alchemy

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Gokkun (semen drinking)Traditional Chinese alchemy is based on the Way of Tao, which views the whole Cosmos in terms of the subtle energy known as Qi. The particular form of Qi responsible for long life and healthy wellbeing is called Jing, which is found in its most concentrated form in semen. As a consequence, certain rituals associated with Taoist alchemy centre around the consumption of large quantities of semen. The Japanese practice of Gokkun, in which a woman collects the semen from a number of males in a glass and then proceeds to drink it, has its origins in one such ritual – although it is nowadays chiefly associated with the pornographic industry.


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Rael and three female RaeliansRaëlism is the world’s largest UFO religion, founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, known to his followers as Raël. Sexuality forms an important part of Raëlian doctrine, which promotes liberal views of sexuality including homosexuality, bisexuality, polyamory, masturbation and prostitution. Raëlian spiritual practices include sensual meditation, which involves ritual stimulation of erogenous zones. Raëlians also practice naturism and are advocates of toplessness in females, as demonstrated by the three female followers seen with Raël in the photograph.

Intercourse with the Devil

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Sexual intercourse with the DevilAt the height of the Puritan era in the 17th century, belief in the Devil was widespread and completely literal. For most people, Satan was a symbol of evil to be feared and avoided, but there were those who believed they could attain earthly power by seeking out his company and engaging in sexual intercourse with him. A young French woman named Jeannette d’Abadie described the Devil as a large man with horns and a tail, and the most massive penis she had ever seen. It was almost a metre in length, covered in scales and cold to the touch. Copulating with the Lord of Hell was as painful as childbirth, but infinitely more satisfying than sex with a human male. When the Devil ejaculated inside her, Jeannette said that his semen was as cold as ice.

A few years later, a native of the Scottish Highlands named Isobel Gowdie echoed many of the same sentiments as Jeannette d’Abadie. She said the Devil was as heavy as a malt sack and endowed with a huge, icy cold phallus, and that when it came to sexual intercourse “he is abler for us that way than any man can be”.

Erotic Indian Temple Sculptures

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Erotic sculpture at the Lakshmana temple in KhajurahoThe photograph depicts one of the many explicitly sexual carvings that can be seen on the walls of the Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho in central India. This is one of several Hindu temples at the Khajuraho complex, dating from about a thousand years ago, that are decorated with erotic sculptures of this type. They are often described as a “Kama Sutra in stone”, but this is an understatement. The Kama Sutra is predominantly concerned with monogamous, heterosexual intercourse performed by married couples in the  privacy of their own homes. The Khajuraho sculptures, on the other hand, depict orgiastic scenes of group sex such as the one seen here. Given their location on a temple, it is likely that they refer to religious rituals rather than purely sensual or hedonistic activities.

Salome and the cult of John the Baptist

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Karita Mattila as Salome performing the Dance of the Seven VeilsAccording to the Bible, Salome was a young woman who demanded the execution of John the Baptist after performing a seductive dance for her stepfather, Herod Antipas. In the Richard Strauss opera Salome (1905) the dance is performed as a striptease called the Dance of the Seven Veils. The picture shows a performance by the Finnish soprano Karita Mattila.

Although generally thought of as a Christian saint, John the Baptist developed a pagan cult following of his own, called Mandaeism. The Mandaeans believed sex was the holiest mystery of life, and conducted sexual rituals called Zubia in their temples.

Homosexuality in the Mystic East

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Old Indian print depicting homosexual kamasutra-style sexThe sacred sex rituals performed in places like India, Tibet, Thailand and Japan were as likely to be homosexual as heterosexual. In the enlightened, non-materialistic culture of these countries the issue of sexual orientation was seen as irrelevant when it came to the mystical applications of sex. Francis Xavier, a Christian missionary who visited Japan in the 16th century, was shocked to find Buddhist monks openly indulging in gay sex: “We frequently tell the monks that they should not commit such shameful sins, and everything that we tell them amuses them since they laugh about it and have no shame when they are reproached about so vile a sin. These monks have many young men in their monasteries, sons of nobility whom they teach how to read and write, and they commit their corruptions with them; and this sin is so common that they are not upset by it.”

Hieros Gamos

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Hieros Gamos sexual intercourse ritualHieros Gamos is a Greek term meaning “sacred union”. It refers to the ritual performance of sexual intercourse for religious or symbolic purposes. The idea is that the participants are enacting the roles of a God and Goddess, and in some instances may actually be considered to become the God and Goddess during the sacred act of copulation.

The actual term ‘Hieros Gamos’ comes from the pagan mystery religions of ancient Greece and Rome, but similar rituals are or were performed in other traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Wicca and even the more esoteric forms of Christianity and Judaism. The sexual act symbolizes different things in different religions, such as the creative spirit, the unification of Heaven and Earth or the harmonization of opposites.

In the modern world, Hieros Gamos is primarily associated with Goddess-focused traditions such as Wicca and Shaktism, and as such is usually performed with the female participant riding on top of a submissive make partner.


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