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Sacred Bondage

Posted in Holistic therapy with tags , , , , on October 11, 2014 by alvinavalon

Deva Bhusha bondage ritualBondage is normally thought of as a form of deviant sexual behavior, but it has a deeper spiritual dimension too. The word “yoga”, for example, is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “binding” or “tying together”. The Japanese art of Kinbaku, or rope bondage, also referred to as shibari, is considered a serious esthetic or ritual activity.

Many sacred sex practitioners incorporate bondage into their rituals. The example pictured above features beautiful German Tantric sex worker Deva Bhusha, who was seen in last week’s post performing sacred lingam massage on a client. Here she is engaged in a bondage ritual with another client. Deva is tightly bound with kinbaku ropes, while the male celebrant is honoring her head with his left hand and her yoni, or cunt, with his right hand.

Sacred Cock Massage

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Lingam MassageCommercial cock massage services, or handjobs, are normally associated with sex workers. In some instances, however, similar services may be offered as a spiritual or religious service, in which case they are usually referred to as “lingam massage”. Lingam is the traditional Sanskrit or Hindu word for “cock”.

To find services of this type in your local area, try typing “lingam massage services” into a Google search. Practitioners of such services often adopt Sanskrit-sounding names and obey Hindu religious precepts even if they are ethnically European. The example pictured here is a case in point: Deva Bhusha, who offers sacred lingam massage services in Munich, Germany.

Sex, Drugs and Mysticism

Posted in Sex and Mysticism with tags , , on September 14, 2014 by alvinavalon

Sex and DrugsThe idea of combining psychoactive drugs and sexual stimulation as a means to achieve mystical enlightenment has its origins in certain Tantric rituals of ancient India. During the 20th century Alesiter Crowley perfected the technique of Eroto-Comatose Lucidity, which employs drugs such as marijuana in combination with fellatio and other sex acts in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

Visualizations of the Black Mass

Posted in Pagan and occult with tags , , , on August 26, 2014 by alvinavalon

Black MassAn earlier post on this blog described the Black Mass – a Satanic ritual in which a travesty of the Christian mass is performed over the body of a naked woman. Here are some further visualizations of the ritual that have been produced over the years.

Black Mass

Circle Sex Ritual

Posted in The Mystic East with tags , , , , on March 10, 2014 by alvinavalon

Trenecito circle sex ritual

The Sanskrit term Chakra Puja refers to a sex ritual undertaken by a group of participants. The word Chakra literally means “wheel”, and the ritual takes the form of a circle in which sexual energy is transmitted from one participant to the next.

The picture above shows a group of men engaged in a circular sex ritual. This particular ritual is known as Trenecito.

Bacchanal: a frenzied sex ritual

Posted in Pagan and occult with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2013 by alvinavalon

Bacchanal by Auguste LevequeThe Bacchanal was a religious rite associated with worship of the Roman God Bacchus, also known by the Greek name of Dionysus. Bacchus is often euphemistically referred to as the “God of Wine”, which makes him sound genteel and sophisticated, but in fact he was the God of drunkenness, self-indulgence and decadent sexuality. Accordingly, the Bacchanal took the form of an uninhibited, drunken orgy. The Roman historian Livy wrote that “More uncleanness was committed by men with men than with women. To regard nothing as impious or criminal was the sum total of their religion.”

Over the years, many artists have chosen to depict Bacchanalian revels in their paintings. The one shown here is the work of the Belgian painter Auguste Levêque.

The Black Mass

Posted in Pagan and occult with tags , , on January 26, 2013 by alvinavalon

The Black Mass by Martin van MaëleThe Satanic rite known as the Black Mass is replete with sexual imagery and orgiastic debauchery, as described in this quotation from Dennis Wheatley: “The salient feature is that the representative of the Power of Light should be abjured and the Power of Darkness invoked by the offering up of blood and semen. To be of maximum potency a Black Mass should be performed by a priest, and, should he have been unfrocked, this makes no difference to the power inherent in him. But anyone sufficiently debased can perform a ritual of this kind. At a black mass everything possible is done the opposite way to the correct procedure. The cross on the altar is upside down, crooked or broken. The acolytes should be young men who readily give themselves to anal intercourse. The celebrant wears a cape embroidered with serpents and other Satanic emblems. He is naked beneath it, and it is open down the front, exposing his erect penis. The congregation should, preferably, be wearing animal costumes and masks. The litany and prayers are recited backwards. The ceremony is performed over the naked body of a young woman, who lies on the altar. The celebrant sacrifices an offering by cutting its throat and catching its blood in a chalice. Finally the priest copulates with the woman on the altar, plunging his lust-hardened penis in and out of her lissome young vagina. The congregation, as though possessed by demons, frantically slake their lust on one another in every way possible.”

The image above shows a depiction of the Black Mass by the early 20th century artist, Martin van Maële.


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