The Kama Sutra size chart

Size of lingam and yoni according to the Kama SutraAccording to the Kama Sutra, men can be classified on the basis of the size of their penis, or lingam as it is called in Sanskrit. A person with a small penis is described as a hare-man, one with an average-sized penis is described as a bull-man, and one with an abnormally large penis is described as a horse-man. Similarly, females can be classified according to the size of their yoni, or vagina. A woman with an unusually small yoni is called a deer, one with an average-sized yoni is a mare and one with an unusually large yoni is an elephant. The Kama Sutra identifies nine types of sexual union, based on each of the three lingam types copulating with each of the three yoni types.

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  1. madhanmohan Says:

    how to increase penis growth and thickness i want minimum bull size
    it is possible in yoga and exercise tell me please help me

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