The Geek and the Guru

The Geek and the Guru by Alvin AvalonIn the dim recesses of her cock-obsessed brain, Melissa knew what was coming next. And she was only too eager to comply. She uncrossed her legs, adjusted the skirt of her long black dress, and rose up onto her knees expectantly. Guru Goth took a step forward towards Melissa. Her jaw dropped as the now-fully-erect monster-penis hovered just inches from her face. Placing his hands on Melissa‚Äôs head of blue hair, the bearded Guru thrust his huge cock deep into her open mouth…

“The Geek and the Guru” is one of three comic-erotic short stories with a New Age setting featured in my new ebook Gurus, Geeks and Goddesses, available in Kindle format from and Amazon UK.

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