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succubusAccording to legend, a succubus is a malevolent demon that adopts the form of a human female in order to take advantage of male victims while they are sleeping. This is normally achieved through an intimate sexual act such as fellatio (cock sucking). Traditionally, a visit from a succubus was assumed to be the reason why men sometimes get erections and ejaculate spontaneously in their sleep.

The Philosophy of Gor

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Slave Girl of GorThe book pictured above, Slave Girl of Gor, appears to be a work of fiction, but for some people it is a way of life and a profound spiritual philosophy. According to Wikpedia:

The Gorean philosophy is a philosophy espoused in the science fiction novels by John Norman. A number of fans of Norman’s work have attempted to live their lives according to this philosophy. The most conspicuous Gorean departure from mainstream modern norms is that Goreans promote sexual master-slave relationships. Some of this philosophy is concerned with “order of nature” and the relations between men and women, which may or may not take the form of a master-and-slave dynamic. The majority of Goreans who pursue a “lifestyle” approach often do not consider what they do to be BDSM. However, they are generally considered part of the “kinky” subculture. In that context, they reject the idea of isolated “scenes”. Instead, their practices may be described as 24/7, dominance & submission, and/or Total Power Exchange relationships. BDSM concepts of servitude and slavery typically play a key role in Gorean dynamics.

Sacred Bondage

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Deva Bhusha bondage ritualBondage is normally thought of as a form of deviant sexual behavior, but it has a deeper spiritual dimension too. The word “yoga”, for example, is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “binding” or “tying together”. The Japanese art of Kinbaku, or rope bondage, also referred to as shibari, is considered a serious esthetic or ritual activity.

Many sacred sex practitioners incorporate bondage into their rituals. The example pictured above features beautiful German Tantric sex worker Deva Bhusha, who was seen in last week’s post performing sacred lingam massage on a client. Here she is engaged in a bondage ritual with another client. Deva is tightly bound with kinbaku ropes, while the male celebrant is honoring her head with his left hand and her yoni, or cunt, with his right hand.

Sacred Cock Massage

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Lingam MassageCommercial cock massage services, or handjobs, are normally associated with sex workers. In some instances, however, similar services may be offered as a spiritual or religious service, in which case they are usually referred to as “lingam massage”. Lingam is the traditional Sanskrit or Hindu word for “cock”.

To find services of this type in your local area, try typing “lingam massage services” into a Google search. Practitioners of such services often adopt Sanskrit-sounding names and obey Hindu religious precepts even if they are ethnically European. The example pictured here is a case in point: Deva Bhusha, who offers sacred lingam massage services in Munich, Germany.

Satan Erect

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satan_erect_statueEarlier this month, a bright red life-size statue of Satan appeared overnight on a disused plinth in Vancouver, Canada. The most eyecatching feature of the sculpture was a large and fully erect penis. The statue was soon removed by city authorities, but residents started a petition to have it reinstalled. For more details, including more pictures and a video, see City Crews Remove Satan Statue Erected Alongside Busy Vancouver Roadway.

Sex, Drugs and Mysticism

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Sex and DrugsThe idea of combining psychoactive drugs and sexual stimulation as a means to achieve mystical enlightenment has its origins in certain Tantric rituals of ancient India. During the 20th century Alesiter Crowley perfected the technique of Eroto-Comatose Lucidity, which employs drugs such as marijuana in combination with fellatio and other sex acts in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

Yoni Secrets: vagina matching quiz

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A woman’s Yoni, or sacred vagina, is as unique and distinctive as her face. But is there a secret connection between the two? Can you guess what a woman’s yoni looks like simply from seeing her face? Try this three-part quiz and find out!

All the images come from the Czech Casting website.

Yoni Secrets 1

Yoni Secrets 2

Yoni Secrets 3


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