Free Kindle book for Easter!

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Fifty Shades of Tantric SexMy tongue-in-cheek Kindle comic-book Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex is usually priced at $2.99, but over the three days of the Easter weekend you can get a copy completely free of charge! So if you’re reading this between Saturday April 19 and Monday April 21, just go to the U.S. Kindle Store (or the equivalent in your own country) and check it out!

Yoga and Sex

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yoganidraThere have always been close connections between Yoga and sex, as William Broad pointed out in the New York Times two years ago: “The discipline began as a sex cult… Hatha yoga — the parent of the styles now practiced around the globe — began as a branch of Tantra… Hatha originated as a way to speed the Tantric agenda. It used poses, deep breathing and stimulating acts — including intercourse — to hasten rapturous bliss.”

Today, many women practice yoga with the aim of enhancing their libido and making themselves more attractive to prospective sexual partners. Yoga is often performed completely naked, as shown in the above illustration. The posture depicted here is called yoganidrasana, and if a suitable partner is available it may be combined with sexual acts such as cunnilingus or anal penetration.


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Sappho by GleyreSappho was one of the greatest poets of the ancient world. She was born on the Greek island of Lesbos in the 7th century BC. A native of Lesbos is known as a Lesbian, and in English this word has come to mean a homosexual female due to the homoerotic nature of some of Sappho’s poems. The word “Sapphic” is sometimes used as a synonym of Lesbian.

The picture above is adapted from the painting “Sappho’s bedtime” by Charles Gleyre (1806 – 1874). The one below is from Édouard-Henri Avril (1849 –1928). Both scenes include a lyre, which was a harp-like musical instrument used to accompany poetry in ancient times.

Sappho by Avril

Tantric Services

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Fifty Shades of Tantric SexHere are a few panels taken from the new Kindle comic-book Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex. It shows just two of the 50 characters featured in the book. What do they have in common? They’re all stereotypes of the different sorts of people who make their money by offering “Tantric” sexual services.

With its cartoony caricatures and photomanipulations, the book’s witty tongue-in-cheek style will be familiar to readers of this blog. Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex is available for just $2.99 from the U.S. Kindle Store or for £1.84 from Amazon UK.

Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex

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Fifty Shades of Tantric SexWhat is Tantric Sex? The phrase means different things to different people. Traditional Buddhist Tantra uses sexual symbolism as an aid to meditation. Hindu Tantrics engage in sexual rituals for spiritual purposes. In modern times Tantra has been conflated with the sexual philosophies of paganism, Taoism and other esoteric traditions. There are Tantric workshops for loving couples and for swinging singles. Modern-day Dakinis, Tantrikas and Goddesses offer sexual services for adventurous business people. It’s all become rather cynical and commercialized.

Here is a new picture book for adults, featuring cartoons and photomanipulations of the kind often featured on this blog, which brings you face to face with fifty (fictional) Tantric practitioners of different shades.

Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex is available from the U.S. Kindle Store or from Amazon UK and other Amazon sites.

Circle Sex Ritual

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Trenecito circle sex ritual

The Sanskrit term Chakra Puja refers to a sex ritual undertaken by a group of participants. The word Chakra literally means “wheel”, and the ritual takes the form of a circle in which sexual energy is transmitted from one participant to the next.

The picture above shows a group of men engaged in a circular sex ritual. This particular ritual is known as Trenecito.

The Goddess Juno

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The Goddess JunoJuno was one of the most powerful deities in ancient Roman Mythology. Alongside Minerva, she was one of the top two Goddesses of the Roman Pantheon. But whereas Minerva was a virgin Goddess, Juno was an expert in sex. She was married to Jupiter, but like Jupiter she often had sexual intercourse with mortals. Juno symbolized feminine power and sexual liberation, and the word “Junoesque” is used to this day to refer to a tall, powerfully built woman.


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