Naked Meditation

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A montage of images of beautiful women engaged in skyclad (i.e. naked) spiritual exercise…
Naked meditation 1Naked meditation 2

Sex with a Ghost

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Adrien BlackwellAccording to a recent article in the Daily Star, Adrien Blackwell is a talented young psychic who has regular sex sessions with the ghost of a 19th century Native American named Beta. Adrien (pictured above) says that sexual intercourse with Beta is a hundred times better than with a human partner. A sex psychic from Hawaii, Adrien has gained a reputation as the “Sexorcist” after a decade of humping ghosts – or spectrophilia, to give it its technical name.

The Five Chinese Elements and Sex

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Five Element Theory vaginasThe gentle art of Shiatsu massage, like many forms of alternative therapy originating in East Asia, is based on the Five Element theory of ancient Chinese tradition. You can find many books on the subject, but very few of them will go into any detail about the sexual aspects of Five Element Theory. A notable exception is Nicola Blake’s new ebook, Sexual Shiatsu: Orgasm Therapy for Women, which tells you everything you need to know about how different elements relate to body types, sexual tastes and orgasmic massage techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Sexual Shiatsu is available from the Amazon Kindle Store (or from your local equivalent such as Amazon UK).

Feminist Pornography

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James Darling and Arabelle Raphael“Feminist Pornography” may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is a rapidly emerging aspect of female sexual empowerment as an article on the BBC website reveals. “An essential part of women’s liberation is sexual liberation,” according to militant feminist Jennifer Lyon Bell. “”Making pornography that arouses women and gets them off is important to women’s liberation. It’s a feminist enterprise to show women’s pleasure.”

Among the numerous performers mentioned in the article are James Darling and Arabelle Raphael, pictured above. James is a transgender man while Arabelle is a sexually empowered woman who objects to the way mainstream pornographers fetishize her as an exotic sex object.

Sexual Shiatsu

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Here’s a fascinating new ebook from Nicola Blake – Sexual Shiatsu: Orgasm Therapy for Women.

Sexual ShiatsuShiatsu is a relaxing massage therapy from Japan, combining the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with the spontaneity of Zen Buddhism. Shiatsu works directly with the body’s natural energy, called Ki in Japanese. A typical Shiatsu session gently relieves excess energy to produce a state of blissful relaxation. But what if you’re looking for a sexier kind of bliss? This little ebook can help you! Drawing on her own experience, the author describes special Shiatsu techniques that can release massive amounts of Ki in an explosive, earth-shaking orgasm. An indispensible guide for Shiatsu practitioners, erotic massage therapists and adventurous couples!

Sexual Shiatsu is available from the Amazon Kindle Store (or from your local equivalent such as Amazon UK).

The Festival of the Steel Phallus

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Kanamara Matsuri Festival 2014The Festival of the Steel Phallus (Kanamara Matsuri in Japanese) is an annual event in Kawasaki, Japan. Held on the first Sunday in April, the festival originated in the 16th century when the town’s prostitutes would gather at a shrine to pray for financial prosperity and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays the festival centres around a huge pink penis which is carried through the streets, together with numerous other phallic-shaped objects large and small.

For more photographs from this year’s event, see 17 Decidedly Phallic Images Of Japan’s Annual Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri.

Free Kindle book for Easter!

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Fifty Shades of Tantric SexMy tongue-in-cheek Kindle comic-book Fifty Shades of Tantric Sex is usually priced at $2.99, but over the three days of the Easter weekend you can get a copy completely free of charge! So if you’re reading this between Saturday April 19 and Monday April 21, just go to the U.S. Kindle Store (or the equivalent in your own country) and check it out!


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