Sex, Drugs and Mysticism

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Sex and DrugsThe idea of combining psychoactive drugs and sexual stimulation as a means to achieve mystical enlightenment has its origins in certain Tantric rituals of ancient India. During the 20th century Alesiter Crowley perfected the technique of Eroto-Comatose Lucidity, which employs drugs such as marijuana in combination with fellatio and other sex acts in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

Yoni Secrets: vagina matching quiz

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A woman’s Yoni, or sacred vagina, is as unique and distinctive as her face. But is there a secret connection between the two? Can you guess what a woman’s yoni looks like simply from seeing her face? Try this three-part quiz and find out!

All the images come from the Czech Casting website.

Yoni Secrets 1

Yoni Secrets 2

Yoni Secrets 3

The Chapel of the Vagina

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Chapel of the VaginaThe “Chapel of the Vagina”, pictured above, is an art installation that was produced by Polish student Iwona Demko in 2012. This was inspired by the theory that in the distant past, women were dominant over men. In those times, the vagina was respected and worshipped, but this was forgotten when men took over. Iwona’s installation is intended to revive the matriarchal ideas by bringing the vagina back into the sacred realm. The work earned her a Ph.D. degree in 2012. More information can be found at the Vagina Museum.

Visualizations of the Black Mass

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Black MassAn earlier post on this blog described the Black Mass – a Satanic ritual in which a travesty of the Christian mass is performed over the body of a naked woman. Here are some further visualizations of the ritual that have been produced over the years.

Black Mass

Naked Meditation

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A montage of images of beautiful women engaged in skyclad (i.e. naked) spiritual exercise…
Naked meditation 1Naked meditation 2

Sex with a Ghost

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Adrien BlackwellAccording to a recent article in the Daily Star, Adrien Blackwell is a talented young psychic who has regular sex sessions with the ghost of a 19th century Native American named Beta. Adrien (pictured above) says that sexual intercourse with Beta is a hundred times better than with a human partner. A sex psychic from Hawaii, Adrien has gained a reputation as the “Sexorcist” after a decade of humping ghosts – or spectrophilia, to give it its technical name.

Feminist Pornography

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James Darling and Arabelle Raphael“Feminist Pornography” may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is a rapidly emerging aspect of female sexual empowerment as an article on the BBC website reveals. “An essential part of women’s liberation is sexual liberation,” according to militant feminist Jennifer Lyon Bell. “”Making pornography that arouses women and gets them off is important to women’s liberation. It’s a feminist enterprise to show women’s pleasure.”

Among the numerous performers mentioned in the article are James Darling and Arabelle Raphael, pictured above. James is a transgender man while Arabelle is a sexually empowered woman who objects to the way mainstream pornographers fetishize her as an exotic sex object.


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